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The 4th ICITG aims to address the latest developments in the application of information technologies and artificial intelligence to geo-engineering. Topics of the conference cover any topics related to the applications of information technologies in geotechnical engineering, geo-environmental engineering, or engineering geology. These include, but limited to, the following topics:

  • Sensors and sensing technologies for geotechnical or geological applications

  • New geotechnical instrumentations, data collection and transmission technologies

  • 3D geological modeling

  • Use of Information and communications technologies (ICT) in laboratory and field works

  • Digitalisation for site investigation, in-situ or laboratory testing

  • Data driven geophysical investigation and interpretation methods

  • Big data and database processing for better use of geotechnical data for geotechnical design

  • Applications of Imaging technologies for geotechnical design or geological data presentations

  • Building information modeling (BIM) applied to geo-structures and underground constructions

  • Application of Artificial intelligence for geotechnical design, automation or intelligent constructions

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality

  • Intelligent geomaterials, geosynthetics and geosystems

  • Case studies in design, constructions and maintenance


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